Curriculum for the training of adults regarding in-home caregiving of ante preschool children

The motivation of Parents School partnership is to gain experience and information on practices used to develop our own education system in education and training  for in-home caregivers of ante preschool children at home by creating opportunities for training and support for them. Thus, this project help the participants to recognize new opportunities in Europe, to integrate the “best practices” in the national  adult education and training, to compare the contents ,the methods and  the techniques  in this area  with other national partners, to spread experiences and working methods in Europe and to provide a better understanding of necessary  skills  and standards of the area to promote acceptance of differences and to encourage experts to share their knowledge internationally.

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Short-term joint staff training events in Italy

During 22nd -28th of August 2016, the representatives of the institutions involved within the KA2 Adult Education Strategic Partnership Project “PARENTS SCHOOL – NON FORMAL AND INFORMAL STRATEGIES AND METHODS FOR IMPROVE THE COMPETENCIES OF HOME CAREGIVERS FOR ANTE PRESCHOOL CHILDREN – 2015-2017″, will develop the C1 activity, Short-term joint staff training events in Italy, Vasto.

The course originates from the desire to respond to the families widespread need to develop proper skills for children homecare and education in pre-school age; the home-care giver is now alone to perform a complex task that is part of the family context and comes into contact with delicate relationship and emotional balances; that’s why his/her work can not be improvised, but requires appropriate training.

A good preparation must give the tools to home care givers for the skills to face any family scenario, be welcoming and creating initiatives to make relational and psychological well-being both to the assisted person and to family members; a home-care giver who has undergone specific training is highly motivated and qualified in his task and responsibility.

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge and the skills in order to care children, disabled and sick.

Such knowledge and skills can be summarized in two groups:

  1. care of child’s basic needs & support to child’s health
  2. psychological well-being and relationship promotion

The course will have a very practical aim and will encourage the methodology “learning by doing”; the method used will be active-participative, especially the non-formal one: demonstration, simulation, play-role, focus-group, peer-learning, brainstorming, study of case, debate.

Practical Training

  • Visit to nurseries and kindergartners school & meeting with Director and teachers; focus on techniques for pre-school education
  • Cases analysis and discussion
  • Workshop and role-plays
  • Socialization games with active and listening techniques

Target groups: trainers/teachers and trainers/teachers candidates in preschool education

Working Language: English

Educational: teacher’s slides, operative cards

Trainers: the course trainers involved have gained a strong experience in the field of in preschool age education

  • Claudia Di Foglio: Lawyer, trainer in socio-giuridic area, ICT & media in education and training, founder and administrator of Polaris
  • Tiziana Di Foglio: Pediatrician, nutricionist, trainer in pedriatic first aid & safety courses
  • Rachele Giammario: Psychologist, therapist of neuro & psychomotor developmental age and member of Scientific Boarding of ANUPI and lecturer at the University of L’Aquila, pedagogist, primary school teacher, regional president of AIDAI – Italian Association of ADHD
  • Fulvia Cetrullo: Pedagogist, founder and director of a Montessori School (3-6 aged and 6-11 aged), trainer accredited by IMI (International Montessori Institute), trainer at University of Barcelona in the Master of Montessori Pedagogy for children 0-6 aged

The complete program of the course will be this.

A press article of the participants’ visit to the Municipality of Vasto and the Mayor official greetings for all the Administration

Stress Scales’ Results

The Partners of “Parents School” Project, under the coordination of the Romanian Lead Partner EU-RO-IN Association, conducted a research to measure the level of satisfaction or strain and stress of in-home caregivers of ante-preschool children.
This research was carried out by questionnaires from 20th April 2016 till 29th April 2016.
Stress Scale for in-home caregivers of ante-preschool children is composed by 20 items, which content assertions concerning the own person to which the subject has to express the measure of his agree or disagree.



Short-term joint staff training event in Poland

During 14th – 20th of April 2016, the representatives of the institutions involved within the KA2 ADULT EDUCATION STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP PROJECT “PARENTS SCHOOL”, titled NONFORMAL AND INFORMAL STRATEGIES AND METHODS FOR IMPROVE THE COMPETENCIES OF HOME CAREGIVERS FOR ANTE PRESCHOOL CHILDREN – 2015-2017, has developed the C1 activity, Short-term joint staff training events in Poland, Lublin.  So, each institution as it follows, EU-RO-IN Association, Romania; Ayuntamiento De Alzira, Spain; Aile Ve Sosyal Politikalar Ankara Il Müdürlügü,Turkey; University of Kirsehir, Turkey; Polaris S.R.L.S. Vasto, Italy; Syntea Spolka Akcyjna, Lublin, Poland, has involved in a training course activity in an European formula.


PARENTS SCHOOL Project – KA2 Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education – Erasmus+ Program

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The leaflet of the project

The leaflet is also available in PolishRomanianTurkish and in Italian.

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